Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Salt Lake City Utah          ( SLC-UT )  is known for it's winter sports, BUT if your more of a summer time person SLC is one of the most beatiful places to visit in the summer. SLC-UT offers a very rich history for anyone interested in seeing the most popular Mormon Temple in the world.

SLC-TOURS will take you around the city showing u all the sight's to be seen, and then you will stop at the temple and be taken on a tour by the missionaries it is all very educational you wont be disappointed!

SLC-UT Great Salt Lake Tour

Seeing The Great Salt Lake which depending on where you are in the lake can be up to 8 times saltier then the dead sea SLC-UT delivers it all!.

While out at the lake Salt Lake City Guided Tours will take you past so many beautiful sights like Kennecott Copper Mine, Antelope Island, Ect. truly making your trip to SLC UT a memory of a life time!

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